Studio 1 Blog 4


To make a film can prove be a logistical nightmare for even the most smallest of productions. It can require the coordination of numerous individuals from various disciplines depending on the nature of the film. Which is why pre-production is an important phase in ensuring an organised and efficient shoot and it is during this phase that most of the creative aspects are deliberated—from the visual style and tone of the film, to the choices in sound, right up to the auditioning and rehearsals of the actors. It is also at this stage where all the paper work is overseen, primarily concerning permissions or written agreements with the actors, technicians, equipment, and locations owners. Having recently completed all of the pre-production work for our own films, I can say that I am feeling much more confident, knowing that we have a concrete strategy going into our shoot. In this respect, I found the software, EP scheduling, to be greatly advantageous in planing and organizing our shoot. Simply by entering the details of a script, the software would automatically generate a shooting schedule as well as a script breakdown in a format that is not only easy to understand, but industry-standard. In effect giving us a bird’s eye view of all that we should be cognizant of during our shoot next week.


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