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We are nearing the final stages of pre-production, the documentation of which, we were informed by our Lecturer from today’s class, should be revised, finalized and submitted in the week to follow. This documentation includes, but is not limited to a number of release forms pertaining to the permission and accessibility of locations, equipment, crew members, and on-set safety. Equally important in this regard is the actor’s release form, confirming a desirous talent as a member of the cast for the duration of the shoot schedule. Acting, especially in film, is no small feat. The talent is required to conjure and display the desired emotion, sustaining it for the remainder of a scene all whilst appearing sufficiently authentic. Having to deal with much subtlety, the craft of acting is often likened to a science, and can seem a tall order for most (“Fellini & the Art of Movie Acting,” 2011). Hence, it was of keen interest to me, when we were introduced, in today’s class, to, an online database of prospective talent in the region, essentially easing the process of contacting and auditioning actors for our upcoming Studio 1 films. And as the director for one our two films, when we may have been struggling earlier to locate actors, who not only had the physical attributes to look the part, but could also deliver a well-rounded on-screen performance; after today’s class, I could now see our chances greatly improve.


Fellini & the Art of Movie Acting. (2011, November). Retrieved from


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