Studio 1 Blog 5


As I write this, I look back on a week that was most fruitful, having completed the principal filming of our two Studio 1 films. While it is safe to say that we did keep to the schedule, and much of the shoot did go according to plan, it can be observed that there was also much room for improvement. A film shoot can and should be organized well in advance, so as to ensure smooth and efficient filming; however, because of the number of variables to consider on a set, there is always the possibility of deviating from a designated schedule. This was something which was evidenced on my own set. With the mise-en-scene in place, and the actors, well rehearsed, it could be said that there was much to our team’s liking but it was only when we began blocking and framing shots did the realize the technical challenges involved in production. Everything from stabilizing the camera to pulling focus, or eliminating extraneous sounds, maintaining continuity or simply ensuring constant supply of power to the equipment, a lack of foresight of which resulted in an excessive number of takes than what was required. Nevertheless, while it did hinder the progress of production initially, it enabled us to better understand the technicalities of filming for the remainder of the shoot. And as I assemble a rough edit from the footage, I look forward to seeing the reactions and thoughts of my peers as I present the editor’s cut to the class in the days to come.


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