Studio 3 blog 12

When shooting outdoors may have been fraught with challenges, from own my observations from the current studio 3 film shoot, the most notable aspect to an outdoor shoot should have to be lighting. Our own schedule required us to film from the hours of 4 am to 12 noon, capturing every lighting condition from sunrise to high noon, to convey passage of time. As we wanted the faint glimmers of the early morning sky as the sun begins to rise, not only was it easy to light and comfortable to film in as the heat of the day was yet to pick up, but it lent the scene a captivating backdrop in terms of aesthetic, a quality that could not be achieved had it been any other time of day. However such a scene would only be short lived, as the sun would slowly begin to move higher in the sky, flooding the the location with light. So much so that the footage would soon being to be overexposed. Thankfully we overcame this with the use of ND filters. Additionally we would also need to resort to reflectors and flags to help shape and modify the the harsh light on our subjects, but more importantly–which I found most interesting–to help influence the meaning of the scene and the characters.


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