Studio 3 blog 11

Another thorn in the production of our outdoor scenes, I must identity, is the need to have ample power. When we were well equipped with enough spare batteries and supplementary power solutions in the form of portable power-banks, this too would on occasion prove to be insufficient. We first experienced this when one of our lights on set would shut down in the middle of shots, simply because the batteries ran out, in effect, costing us the take. One the most unique aspects about our film was the camera and the resolutions we chose for filming. Choosing to opt for the highest quality possible was always the intention from the start, but doing so meant depleting the batteries on the camera as well the recording and storage unit. It didn’t help either that we would be filming for long extended takes, each running into several minutes of recording time often even calling for retakes of the same. The warm to high temperatures of the shooting environment would also affect the efficiency of the batteries even further, sometimes even needing to shut down in order to cool them off, effectively stalling the shoot. We best overcame these challenges by ensuring that the camera remained on standby, and scheduling our shorter scenes first and earlier in the day, thus allowing us to conserve power and limit overheating of the equipment.


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