Studio 3 blog 10

Some of the scenes in our film required to be shot inside a moving vehicle and cramped spaces, neither of which allow for easy composition of shots, lighting , audio recording or just basic manoeuvrability. When we did have grip gear to assist in the filming, namely gimbals, mono-pods and sliders, it was still not without issue as fitting all the elements in the frame, not to mention the cinematographer whose behind the camera, required multiple retakes as the locations were hindering our ability to angle and position our shots correctly. In this respect we found that using a lens of different focal length, namely a more wide-angled one proved to allow more information into the frame, albeit at the expense of some lens distortion. Additionally, as we learnt after the very first day of shoot that it is also worth thinking about how we were to cart around the cameras, sound recorders, rigs and other supplies and accessories whilst moving from scene to scene. A factor we took into consideration on subsequent shoot days leading to us bringing a trolley onto set, effectively cutting down on time it would take in moving our gear around.


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