Studio 3 blog 9

More to the topic of shooting outdoors, as was the case with our studio 3 film, the heat too would prove to be a complication we did not necessarily account for adequately. This was perhaps owing to the fact that our shoot was towards the tail end of the winter months, and we had overlooked that the temperatures had begun to rise to an uncomfortable degree from the cooler days of previous. In hot conditions the gear might overheat, especially if it is exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time. To ensure that this isn’t an issue, we made sure you pack a cloth to help block out the sun and always be mindful of how long and where the equipment is exposed to direct sunlight. Apart from the actors, the crew too needed to be kept cool and sufficiently rehydrated. We found ourselves running short of refreshments every now and then, as we didn’t expect for the cast as well as crew to be consuming so much, all of which was a direct result of the hot weather conditions. It should be said that the tent went a long way in helping the cast and crew cope with heat, however not for long, as strong winds would undo the tent, collapsing it to the ground. It is difficult to say that it was hard to account for all these hiccups, as we did anticipate these issues, but they did cost us valuable time in the process of overcoming them.


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