Studio 3 blog 8

With our film being set outdoors, on the highways of UAE, with vast scenic desert landscapes in the background making for some incredible shots, filming outside can have its own fair share of challenges. This would call for preparing the equipment for harsh weather conditions, to choosing the right equipment to film across various terrains. One such challenge was the wind ,as we quickly discovered would be an issue during our location recce. To combat this, we decided to invest in weights and heavy duty tripods, and grip gear. This helped us to create a more stable and focused picture, but also to significantly reduce the risk of damaging the camera should it hit the ground. Recording sound too would have been a problem, which is why, besides muffling the the mic, before even committing to a shot, we briefly tested the audibility by recording for a couple of minutes. Then listen back to assess its quality and decide whether or not to continue, and wait for a more appropriate time rather than rushing into the shots, with compromised audio quality. Our tent and various other lightweight objects from the shoot were re-positioned in a way which would keep them from blowing into the blocked scene. When this may have taken a few attempts, consuming valuable shoot hours, it was precaution that enabled for a smoother shoot later on.


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