Studio 3 blog 7

One of the director’s primary responsibilities is to assist the actor in discovering and playing his or her role. The director accomplishes this through script and character analysis, and staging. Once casting has been completed, the character development process begins with rehearsals. Personally, I should say that it is the rehearsal stage that I look forward to the most during the making of film, as it it perhaps the first time that I get to the scenes and characters written in the script, take shape in reality. To collaborate with the actors and flesh out newer ideas and approaches with them, understanding the beats of a scene to ascertain the staging and blocking–all of which is thrilling to say the least. Above all else, I build a relationship with my actors ,one that is build on mutual trust, and a common goal. I should say that the actor’s job is perhaps the most nuanced and so the most challenging of any other crew member responsibilities. Thus, having had multiple rehearsals , where the actors have grown to mold their characters as their own while refining their relationships to their co-actors characters, I should say that I am overjoyed and privileged to have taken this journey with them.


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