Studio 3 blog 6

As the director and writer, I may a have particular vision for our Studio 3 film, but when it comes down to it, it is the cast which makes or breaks the movie. Securing just the right actors with just the right chemistry can be one of the greatest challenges for even larger productions. But before all else, it is of critical importance to know what qualities one is looking for in the prospective screen performers. During our own auditions I did have the actors perform lines from key scenes, but I also felt it was important for the actors auditioning, to do something outside the script. In other words, present them with particular situations, and have them react to them , so as to evaluate how different people process and handle choice. And of course, there’s also chemistry between the given actors to consider—which is arguably the key to a successful cast, as I feel it’s about how two people create chemistry with their imaginary roles which makes things interesting.


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