Studio 3 blog 5

Another week, another enlightening session with our lecturer. This time around we were required to pick and re-enact a scene from the our films with our lecturer and the entire class as a live audience. The past weeks revolved around pre-production, this week’s class was perhaps the first instance of seeing the film come to life, before our eyes and possibly of the filming challenges we were to encounter come shoot day. When each group had their own individual shortcomings as they began to block and capture the scenes, much to our surprise, with our own film, and myself as the director, I quickly realized how pre-production varies from actual production. That’s not to say I didn’t know the difference before, and I did have a clear idea of how I’d like my shots to look, but when it came to the actual filming I felt like there was much I did not take into consideration. Most notably the direction to actors. The scene I chose may have only required 5 actors with only one of them having a speaking role, all of it filmed indoors, but since each character had their own motivation, and was doing something different from the other, it took me a while to figure out the timing of each character and how they would interact with one another as the scene progressed. But to my satisfaction, I also felt like the scene and the shots that we had in mind, played out well and in a manner in which would keep the audience engaged. And with only 2 weeks until our actual shoot, I feel like like this recent session with our lecturer could not have come at a better time.


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