Studio 3 blog 4

The classes from this past week, in my opinion, were probably the most interesting out of the entire bachelor’s program. Filmmaking may be a collaborative effort, but it is unique in that, the individuals involved need to be somehow personally invested the the project, and cannot merely treat it as just another job, as that is what yields the best product. And when the past week, there was sufficient discussion on the progress of our films, our lecturer laid greater emphasis on the individuals making the films and their interpersonal relationships to one another, through a series of improv, acting and bonding actives. In the journey of the two year bachelors program, although we may have grown as aspiring filmmmakers, we have also grown closer as a group. With some us becoming close friends while others still hard to get a read on, none the less, it feels like we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. It was interesting for me to see how each of my peers related to the other, whether its was a compliment or a pet peeve or simply a general indifference, never have we, or I alteast, taken the time to really examine our equation to one another whether it be a lasting friendship or a mere acquaintance.


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