Studio 3 blog 2

When last week can be said be an introduction to this unit, in the second week we hit the ground running, where we singled down the story, put together an outline, pitched it the class, and then had a live reading of our scripts. Needless to say, it was taxing couple of days, especially considering how I was the one in charge of scripting the story. When I could say that the oral in-class pitch had moderate success, as much of the class seemed to show interest in our story ideas, my lecturer rightly pointed out the many shortcomings of our story. In hindsight, I feel like this saved our group a from making a weak or underdeveloped film for our studio unit, however when I may have implemented most of the suggestions for improving the story, the outcome still was not convincing enough. Not to say that I was discouraged, by the less than satisfactory feedback, but in an effort to make an effective script, we decided to explore a different story all to together. It may be of the same genre and aesthetic, but the plot was more believable than the first. Not to mention, that the new story was conceived almost overnight. And although, it can do with some further tweaking, I glad to say that my group found this story to be worthy of pursuing for this unit, and thankfully, as did our lecturer.


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