Studio 3 blog 1

I like to think of myself as filmmaker who is open to experimenting with various genres, sometimes criss-crossing between them when given the chance. And given how this unit is a return to the fiction format, I was excited by the possibilities to say the least. When I may have come in with my own preconceived ideas, for potential stories to turn into a film, we were quickly introduced to the new rules of the game, when our lecturer, this time around, brought with him a certain set of guidelines and conditions, for successfully completing this unit—clearly separating this unit from those of previous. The most notable being that of cultural relevance. The 15- 20 minute film we were required to make, we were informed, should be set in the UAE, exhibiting the region for all it offers, and in a language that’s common it’s people, effectively excluding English. When I did feel limited by such restriction, if I can call them that, I was also thrilled by the challenge. I may not have made or have been associated with a film that is UAE-centric or in a language other than english, but such a project was always at the back of my mind, considering how I have spent much of my life in Dubai. And with the city’s many attractions at our disposal, I grew more and more eager to find ways of showcasing the region and its culture, possibly in ways that has never been attempted before.


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