Studio 2: Am I a Documentary Filmmaker

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As the trimester comes to a close, and our film begins to take its final form as it passes through post production, I have come to take an interesting perspective on films and film-making in general. This trimester required us to make short documentaries; and when it is not something I have done before or a style of cinema that I view regularly, to explore documentary films further in the future or to call myself as a documentary filmmaker, I should say, is quite unlikely.

I do enjoy watching them and can see the value that they may bring to an audience. And having been through the process of making a documentary film of my own, I can also appreciate the craft of making one, however, ultimately I find that it is not the kind of cinema for me. the reasoning is hard to explain, I suppose it is just a matter of personal preference. Alternatively, this trimester was an invaluable experience as I believe it be one which offered the most by way learning. In the sphere of fiction films, there is a constant effort to crafting scenes to the point of being believable. Where even though the various elements of a scene are almost entirely staged, they are made to appear real, in effect suspending an audience’s belief. Documentaries involve some staging too, but, for the most part, the scenes are largely left untouched, presenting an audience a raw, unfiltered view on a given subject. Or in other words, a more truthful retelling of a story.

It is a quality that is naturally inherent in documentaries allowing for a more visceral and emotional experience for an audience: and it is that which I wish to implement and display in future fictional works. Nevertheless, I would be more than eager to partake in documentary work should the opportunity arise, not because I am especially adept at this particular style of cinema, but because of my respect towards the craft of making one, which I have gained over the course of this trimester.


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