Studio 2: Impromptu Film-making

Cinema is all about constructing a narrative and conveying meaning and emotion in a sequence of seemingly unrelated shots. And when I myself am no stranger to stringing together a sequence of moving images having already made films in the past, doing so under pressing time-constraints can really call into question one’s abilities as a filmmaker, as was the case in my most recent cinematography classes. Equipped with one camera each, we were given the task go around campus in search of a potential story that can be told inside of a limited number of shots, and within a specific time-frame. These quick turn-around times coupled with the various other filming constraints, although challenging, is completely expected given the nature of this current trimester which is documentary film-making. Documentaries are about depicting reality as truthfully as possible devoid any embellishments, which could mean filming without any preconceived structure, often leaving the camera rolling for indefinite lengths of time owing to the absence of a retake, forcing one to think on their feet and adapt to the circumstances as necessary. With virtually no prep time in between shots, it can be technically quite a challenge, however in my experience, I found the narrative aspects of the tasks more demanding. Capturing a shot sometimes can be as simple as pressing a single button, but to do so in a manner in which the images photographed would convey meaning and ultimately story, is what I found myself constantly striving to perfect, a time constraints or otherwise.


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