Studio 1 Blog 9

And finally, on the eve of the showcase, the trimester comes to a close. With projects on display from every discipline, it was a most eventful occasion, with an impressive turnout of friends and family as the university opened its doors to the public. Personally it was also an opportunity for me to play audience to the works of other students from the various other trimesters and disciplines, something that was of great interest to me as I rarely get the chance to interact with my media brethren much less involve myself during the production phases of their respective works. It must be said that it was thoroughly inspiring to explore the works of my peers; their creativity and hard work was on full display, reinforcing my reasons for doing a Bachelors in Film and being around like minded individuals, giving me enough incentive for my own projects in the coming trimesters and possibly for cross discipline collaborations. Additionally the reactions we received to our own works were most satisfying. Weather it be from our peers during the grading, or from the visiting public during the evening screenings, the response was largely positive for both the comedy and the thriller. After several weeks of hardship, it was such a joy for the group to witness the collective laugh or gasp of the first-time attendees. The experience was just as thrilling as it was humbling—moments that we will remember forever. In hindsight, it is moments like this along with several others from the trimester that I look back on fondly notwithstanding the few hiccups we encountered along the way. But more importantly I also take back much learning, as I feel that I have emerged as a more matured filmmaker, with an improved understanding of the craft—and it will be my sincere effort to implement these lessons and improve upon my progress thus far in the trimesters to come.


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