Studio 1 blog 8


The showcase approaches as we begin to near the end of the trimester. This where all the films from every group are screened, first for grading and later for public viewing; and having already had several in-class screenings, receiving feedback each time, it is clear to see that every film has been vastly improved with every cut notwithstanding our own. Our lecturer during our most recent screening had a noteworthy piece of advice which was to focus on the sound design. A factor I wholeheartedly agree with as cinema, for all its visual glory, is a construct of one part picture and one part sound. And given the chosen genres of ours films, namely a silent thriller and a horror-comedy, good sound design is all the more important not just to complement the visuals but to elevate the intended mood of a scene. The general mode of interpreting the world around us is largely through the senses of sight and sound, but it was only when I began to work on the sound design did I truly come to appreciate this. Scenes which were previously devoid of any sound or just had unfiltered audio from the camera’s mic, were magically transformed into compelling sensory experiences as we began to layer on sound effects and music. The sound gave the visuals much credibility as events in the film started to resemble those in real-life and not so much a simple loose recreation–essentially, it is what separates an ametuer film from a profession one. As I write this, I suspect that there will be one final screening before we head into the showcase. And with the sound in place this time, it is my exception that there will be nothing left to improve upon any further.


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