Studio 1 Blog 7


Apart from showcasing two short films, Studio 1 also require us to create and to present an online portfolio complete with previous works in the form of a show-reel. Such a website is designed to showcase one’s work, skills, and inclinations. And being as I am, a film student, on the path towards entering a market as competitive as the film industry, a portfolio becomes all the more important when marketing yourself to prospective employers. With the availability of numerous website builders, creating an online portfolio is both quick and easy, however, through the course of my research I’ve come realize that there are a few key measures which should be considered when crafting a successful portfolio, top on the list being providing context. Namely, by using annotations and notes to talk about how and why the work was created. Additionally, in keeping with the need for clarity, contact details need to be displayed prominently so there is no doubt as to how hiring mangers can email you, follow you on Twitter or connect on Facebook. It should also be made clear how you want people to reach you and in what capacity. Furthermore, a portfolio, I found out, needs to be treated as a living document, tweaking and updating periodically as necessary. All in all, a successful portfolio is one that has the perfect blend of personality, prominence of work, and ease of use—it is one’s business card expanded and is instrumental in helping one stand out from the competition. Hopefully I should have implemented all the above as I gather my work and personal details to as I begin to shape my own online portfolio.



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