Studio 1 Blog 6


This week was when we finally presented the first cuts of our films to the class. Having spend the past several works on pre-production work and only recently principal shooting, it as exciting as well as nerve-wracking to see it finally culminate into this moment—and needless to say we were anxious to see the reactions of our peers and lecturer. Much to my group’s surprise, the response from the class was most favorable. There was interest as well as curiosity. While the thriller had a gripping opening, the comedy thankfully did mange to humor. Additionally we were advised to incorporate a few editing changes by our lecturer; admittedly, this was our first screening so comments weather negative or positive were expected. And while the comedy only required minor editing changes to improve the pacing, the thriller on the other hand needed the entire ending to be re-shot as our original climax was found to be underwhelming. This may have left us dismayed initially but upon further examination, it was accepted that the film could do with an improved ending, especially given all the effort we had directed towards making the remainder of the film. We did contemplate several options for the re-shoot, including the suggestions of our lecturer, and although it was only a single scene,it was not quite as simple a decision as we had grown accustomed to our original ending, and producing another one especially one that not only fits the story but improves on it was a challenge. Ultimately we finished filming the scene but it was only upon adding it during the edit were we truly impressed and at ease with the outcome. And hopefully so will the class when we screen our improved cuts next week.


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