Studio 1 Blog 2


The fourth week of Studio 1 brought with it much query, challenging and calling into question our scripts and their premises. We may have finalized our stories and fine tuned them to our satisfaction, but this week’s lecture revolved around reviewing and taking stock of our film’s story, individual scenes and character motivations from a more critical perspective. Or what is otherwise know as the Director’s Homework. A responsibility which fell squarely on my shoulders having been tasked as the Director for one our two films. Primarily, it was about addressing what the foundation for our film’s story truly was about. This included the desired effect we wish the film to have on an audience, and also how the film’s progression influences the characters in the story. This process was repeated and applied to every scene, and each time I saw myself reassessing the script, often feeling the need to perhaps modify, re-position or completely omit a sequence to better satisfy the criteria in the Director’s Homework. It is not without reason that most films are structured quite similar to one another often employing the same story elements regardless of genre or language (Hauge, 2014). When we may have had a compelling script from the onset, I would venture to say that, as a result of the Director’s Homework, we may have weeded out most of the flaws if not all.


Hauge, M. (2014, September 22). Retrieved from


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