Studio 1 Blog 1


It is the third week of trimester 0517, and this is the first of ten blogs which I’ll be posting weekly with regards to my progress in Studio 1. The prime objective of this unit is to conceive, shoot and showcase two films of 5 min each within the genres of either comedy, thriller, horror or film Noir. Every film first begins as a script (Golding, 2012), and our group, having finalized our stories, has already entered into the second draft. There was also an in-class reading of our drafts where all the students, including our group, got to read our screenplays as  they would play out on screen. Having to hear our scripts out loud and seeing the narrative unfold albeit orally, I found, was very insightful. But like with any film production, we weren’t without issue. Our group, in the beginning contemplated several stories. We watched numerous short films and read through just as many short stories but it was difficult to ascertain our final two films. We were unsure if we could execute the necessary genre elements successfully which is one of the prime requisites for this unit. It took much deliberation and heavy involvement from our lecturers who advised us into altering our stories in a way which would allow for easy and practical filming and an overall greater impact. As a result, we now have a bonafide thriller and zombie comedy ready for the next stage of production.



Golding, J. (2012, November 14). How To Start A Screenplay. Retrieved from


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