Blog 2: Data and Me

The lecture for week 6 of CIU111 centered around data analysis and its applications. A topic I knew very little about, but whose implications, as was explained through the course of the lecture, are widespread across almost every industry, not the least being that of film.

Or more specifically, in film marketing: data gathered through social media is being used to analyze trends and shape marketing pushes around them. By understanding the usage habits and preferences of their consumer base, marketers are able to form strategies accordingly, whether it be through long planned social media campaigns, or a last minute marketing sell—or even targeting specific regions based on political inclinations, as was the case with the film, ‘2016: Obama’s America’, which would not have been as successful had it received a standard theatrical release. Essentially, data analysis has allowed a film’s marketing team to decide what content is presented to us and when (Sinz, 2013).

However , there is also the argument that the user-data collected by marketers is fundamentally biased as those figures are only indicative of individuals who have visited a film’s digital properties, which is typically not representative of the total target consumer base (Yamaguchi, 2015).

 Kohki Yamaguchi of


Alternatively, with such readily available information about the preferences of cinema-goers, there is a danger that the quality and diversity of films will eventually degrade, where filmmakers will be far less likely to risk money on an unproven subjects, and instead lean towards producing tried and tested content of past (Price, 2014).

Nevertheless, data analysis is defining the way films are considered by both creators and consumers. And with powerful tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights readily available to anyone with nothing more than an email address, a budding filmmaker such as myself stands much to benefit in an era dominated by data.


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